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The New SchoolDocs Website - What You Need To Know

We're pleased to have the shiny new SchoolDocs website up and running. You'll notice that we've moved things around a bit to make it easier for people to find what they need. If you're a SchoolDocs school already, here's what you need to know about the changes.

School community login

The school community can now access school policies and procedures via the Search for your school button on the home page of the SchoolDocs website. Note, If you are principal, board member or school administrator, login via the dashboard (see below).

  1. Click or touch Search for your school.



  2. Start typing the name of your school and a list of schools will appear.


  3. Select your school. A login box will then appear.
  4. Enter your school user name and password (available from your school office).
  5. Click or touch Login.

You can still access your SchoolDocs site by typing your website address in your browser (e.g. http://schoolname.schooldocs.co.nz)

The dashboard

The dashboard allows principals, board members and school administrators to login to the SchoolDocs admin tool. We've moved the location of the dashboard so it now appears in the menu. 

  1. Click or touch Dashboard in the menu.


  2. Enter your MOE number and admin password.
  3. Click or touch Login


If you have any questions or issues contact the SchoolDocs Team.


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