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A Fresh New Look for SchoolDocs

Over the holidays the SchoolDocs team has been busy developing a whole new look for SchoolDocs. Our aim was to make school sites easier and more pleasurable to use. The new websites are miracles of engineering, design, brainstorming, technical writing, and related expertise, and we're sure you'll love using your new look. Here’s an explanation of what’s new.

New colour scheme

All school sites use the same colour scheme now, instead of individual school colours. Colour is such an important part of a website’s design, so our usability guru (Cindy) chose colours and styles with good contrast, ensuring that you can read and navigate your site more easily. We also wanted a larger area to display your school’s logo to better advantage. The new design provides maximum usability while still strongly retaining your brand and tailored content on every page.

Revamped home page

We’ve developed a refreshed home page to welcome users to your site. You’ll notice that it’s easier to see at a glance where to find things.

Larger, more readable fonts

We’ve increased the size of our text, and improved contrast between colours, to make pages easier to read.

Quick-link tabs

The new quick-link tabs at the top of each page will help you to access useful information more quickly.

Updated table of contents

We’ve added Home and Help links to the table of contents to improve navigation. 

Dedicated help section

Check out our new Help section where you can access information that will help you to navigate the site.

Review flags

We’ve made it easier to identify when a policy is up for review. Key policies and procedures that are regularly reviewed are now identified by a green flag. The flag changes to red when the topic is currently under review, and a red Policy Review icon will also appear. To join a review, click the policy review icon and follow the prompts.

Not everything has changed

While we’ve updated the look and added some new functionality, the core SchoolDocs product remains the same.
You still get the same:

  • Powerful search function
  • Quality, peer-reviewed content
  • Collaborative review tool
  • SchoolDocs team working behind the scenes to make your life easier!

Can’t see your new look site?

If your site still looks like the same one you've always had (i.e. it doesn't look similar to the images above), you may need to refresh your internet browser cache (press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard).

Tell us what you think

We’d love to hear your feedback. Email us at admin@schooldocs.co.nz.

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