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New RTLB module for lead schools now available

As a result of a need expressed by some of our current subscribers, SchoolDocs has developed an optional, additional RTLB module for lead schools of RTLB clusters. It benefits cluster managers by helping manage their documentation, demonstrate how they are meeting professional practice guidelines/standards, and provide a starting point for ERO review.

The RTLB module:

  • aligns with the RTLB Professional Practice Toolkit
  • is designed to be generic but allows cluster managers to tailor cluster/school-specific content
  • integrates with, and references, relevant policies and procedures on the lead school’s SchoolDocs site
  • provides the principal and board with an overview of the service and how it works within their school
  • is accessible to all RTLB staff in the cluster.

 Contact SchoolDocs for further information, including pricing.

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